Future Food Farming New Zealand Inc. Meeting Tomorrow’s Markets
by Alan Emerson, Jacqueline Sara Rowarth

Paperback. Published 2009. 124 pages

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Conceived by a journalist farmer, developed by a combination of academics, scientists, researchers and business people, and brought to fruition through the support of the Agricultural and Marketing Research and Development Trust, this book has an eye to the future and brings to light possibilities not yet in public debate. What could food production be like in 5 or 10 years time? Perhaps of more importance what should it be like? Efficient, profitable production with minimal environmental impact and maximum animal and human welfare is the goal. New Zealand has potential to lead the world in research in sustainable production systems, providing high quality food to different markets, meeting customer needs as well as the needs of New Zealanders. Turning the vision into reality requires scientists, practitioners and industry to work closely together. It requires research and education. The importance of NZ Inc. is clear. This book illustrates the collaborative model and sets the goals.
Hon Steve Maharey
Vice Chancellor
Massey University
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